Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

Independent Medical Exams in Personal Injury Claims

IME stands for Independent Medical Examination. This examination is something you’ve been asked to attend by the insurance company and their lawyers who are trying to defeat your claim.
Elite Atlanta Centers deliver an easy-to-use, trustworthy IME process so you can receive an accurate, defensible decision, every time.

Eliminate provider risk with unparalleled clinical expertise
Enhance physician exam and report quality with top providers
Reduce administrative burden & deliver quick turnaround

Our IME Services

When you work with Elite Atlanta Center, you will receive prompt, efficient, and accessible medical exams for your personal injury case. You will be equipped with all medical information necessary and required for your case and have the upmost qualified and respected physicians to back your claim.

How It Works

Beginning the IME process, a board-certified medical practitioner will examine your client and establish past medical history, obtaining any documentation necessary to provide a thorough medical assessment. This will allow your medical case to be properly advised along with course of treatment for the injuries obtained in your case.

Review of Medical Records

Some IME cases may require medical records in order to establish a proper patient history for your case and provide the most accurate and effective treatment and report.


In order to properly assist your case, Elite Atlanta Center offers both in-person and video or oral depositions describing the patient’s medical condition and assessments.

Functional Capability Assessments

Our Impairment Evaluations properly evaluates patient’s abilities to live, work, drive, and any other functional impairments that may result due to personal injury. Our consultants effectively make such judgments and include them in your case.


Our IME program will gladly fill out any forms or addendums required for your medical case and properly submit them to necessary outlets. Any such forms related to the medical situation of the patient is uniquely and respectively written as necessary.

Cold Cases

If in some circumstances a medical case remains unresolved, take advantage of Elite Atlanta Center’s assistance is resolving such matters. The IMEs may require lengthier evaluations as opposed to an initial evaluation, but can provide resolutions to determine any additional treatments that you or your client may require.

Fast Yet Effective

Our Independent Medical Examinations allow patients to receive objective medical reports and recommendations in cases of personal injury. Professionalism is key and we strive to provide you will the upmost care and qualified providers for the job. Our company will assist in any necessary legal forms and litigations pertaining to the medical condition of the patient. We work with honesty and proficiency to give you the best chances.

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