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Why it’s Important to see a Neurologist After a Car Accident?

It is important to visit a neurologist and get fully evaluated after a car accident or traumatic injury to properly and timely diagnose and treat a possible brain trauma as listed above. Brain injuries are not always evident, especially those that are symptom-less such as a brain bleed. Our doctors can identify a traumatic brain injury if one has occurred and conduct proper imaging tests to check brain functioning and provide a necessary course of treatment. Contact Elite Neurology for any questions about brain injury and neurological disorders. Our Atlanta neuropathy and radiculopathy specialists will gladly assist you.

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Generally, after a car accident, it is important to undergo medical evaluation to look for a possible neurological injury that may not be noticeable at the time of the incident.

You or someone you know may have endured a vehicular or motorcycle accident and may be having symptoms of migraines, headaches, numbness, nausea, cognitive changes or sleep disturbance, in the days and weeks that followed the accident. Although symptoms may not be noticeable at first, they are important to recognize and be aware of in order to seek immediate medical care.

Generally, after a car accident, it is important to undergo medical evaluation to look for a possible neurological injury that may not be noticeable at the time of the incident. Neurological injuries may occur and here at Elite Neurology, we want you to be aware of the symptoms and the importance of evaluating them after a car crash.

The nervous system has two primary parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system, consisting of the brain and spinal cord, may be affected due to traumatic injuries sustained in an accident. The peripheral nervous system, consisting of nerves liking the brain and spinal cord to the body completely, may also be affected. Nerve damage is very common to victims of traumatic injury. These injuries may include nausea, weakness, pain, numbness, and bodily imbalance.

Damage to nerves is the nervous system may be evident in the symptoms listed above, but additionally in other ways:



Traumatic neuropathy, for example, is damage to a nerve in the peripheral nervous system. This can include broken bones from vehicular impact that cause nerve damage. Pressure on such nerves can cause numbness and/or pain or weakness in the impacted area. Running Atlanta’s top neuropathy clinics, we know it is important to refer to your neurologist quickly to assess for permanent nerve damage.

Neurological Disorders

In our experience as some of the top neurology and neuropathy clinics in Atlanta, neurological disorders may also arise due to diseases such as stroke, seizures, dementia and memory disorders, many types of headaches, Parkinson’s disease, tremor, ADD, and many more that affect the nervous system. Others arise from traumatic injuries to the brain or spine that may permanently damage individuals.

Neurological Injury Due to Vehicular Trauma

The leading cause of brain injury in people ages fifteen to sixty-four are car accidents. Even the latest in seat belts, air-bags, and other safety features in today’s safest cars do not prevent the brain from being tossed around one’s skull during a car accident. Elite Atlanta Centers wants you and your family to stay safe and protected and get examined after a crash has occurred.

Types of Brain Trauma:


A concussion is temporary dysfunction of the entire brain following a strong impact to the brain. Concussion is taken much more seriously than it was in the past and as we are seeing in the press has great implications for future brain function.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

This type of brain injury is common of car accidents, in which nerve fibers around the brain begin to tear and may cause a come due to widespread movement and shaking of the brain due to traumatic injury. It is what we have learned to be considered as another term for concussion.

Other Brain Injuries

Head injuries without concussion are extremely common and still cause problems, such as subdural and epidural hematomas and skull fractures.


This is what is known as a brain bruise caused by impact on the brain, usually diagnosed by a neurologist.

Elite Atlanta Centers offer neuropathy and radiculopathy treatment in Atlanta for neurological disorders and brain injury due to vehicular trauma.

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