Carl Billian MD, MS

Primary focus on adult neurology, head injury, cognition, memory-attention, traumatic headache, “whiplash”, behavior-mood changes, vestibular symptoms, sleep medicine, PTSD symptoms, pinched nerves or nerve roots/neuropathies-radiculopathies, dizziness-vertigo-balance problems, and other accident-related neurologic symptoms.  He has practice neurology for 30 years, and has certifications in neurologic rehabilitation, sleep medicine, and EMG testing-nerve/muscle disease. He has a background in mechanical/biomedical engineering/ biomechanics (and research in neuro-prosthetics). 

Dr. Billian starts each new patient visit by taking a very detailed accident and injury history and performing a neurologic exam.  He makes initial syndrome diagnoses, many of which are dependent on the patient relaying detailed symptoms, and may not be visible or obvious by simple observation. 

He then design diagnostic and therapeutic plans, customized for that patient, and educates and explains these in detail to the patient and family.  He may start a simple combination of medications early on to transform the headaches into a much more benign form and to improve the depth and length of sleep.  These 2 early adjustments will accelerate recovery these and other symptoms.  He may order some tests to help ascertain (also by history) whether the patient has suffered a concussion (this can be a difficult determination sometimes).  Less and more detailed cognitive testing is done depending on the severity and time course of the cognitive dysfunction.  There is specific types of physical therapy available for neck and low back issues, also for vestibular issues.  Very detailed notes are kept for each visit, and these are forwarded to referring clinicians and attorneys. Impairment ratings are available on request. The neurologist is always available to these referrers and the patient for clinical question.  EMG (nerve and muscle testing)and VNG (vestibular testing) can also be done independently, as can Independent Medical Examinations. 

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