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Having a great attorney will protect your interests.

Elite Sport & Personal Injury Centers of Atlanta has many attorneys in-network that will offer you everything you deserve. Don’t take on the at fault party’s insurance alone! Let us help you find the help you need and work hand-in-hand with your personal injury lawyer in Atlanta to help you get the money you deserve.

In order to succeed, one must always be prepared. At Elite Atlanta Centers, we strive to supply every detail necessary to assist you in winning your case. In doing so, we exclusively offer attorney referrals to give you the best odds. We not only refer you to qualified insurance claims attorneys in Atlanta to take on your case, but fully collaborate with them as well. From depositions, forms, correspondence, and references, we will work with your attorney. Our select program offers you experienced, licensed personal injury lawyers to work on your case because we truly believe they provide the utmost benefit for your case.

Allow Us to Refer You to One of Our Trusted Lawyers

    We offer the best attorney referrals in Atlanta!

    How an Attorney Can Help You Get the Most From Your Claim

    You could pursue compensation for your accident on your own, but we often see people recover far more with the help of an insurance claims attorney. A good personal injury lawyer can ensure your rights remain protected and keep the insurance company from attempting to take advantage of you.

    Elite Centers collaboration with expert insurance claims attorneys in Atlanta means a stronger team will be there in your defense. Whether it’s dealing with insurance, litigation, or a trial case, let our team assist you. You should not have to bear responsibility for your injury and our referred attorneys will give you the highest odds to compensate for your losses.

    From inability to work, discomfort, and medical bills, let us help you!

    Our referred personal injury lawyers have an outstanding record of success both in trial and in settlements. They are highly experienced in medical law and provide first-rate representation for all cases. Each case is hand-picked and referred to the Atlanta insurance claims attorney that will best suit your needs.


    How it Works

    When Elite Sport & Personal Injury Centers of Atlanta initially reviews your medical case, we immediately recommend counsel and give a qualified attorney referral for all clients. If you want to take legal action for your personal injury, we immediately contact our Atlanta referral attorneys and thoroughly explain your medical case, injury, and needs pertaining to your case. The attorney will then contact you to discuss your options. After this initial phase, Elite Centers of Atlanta will fully cooperate with your insurance claims attorney to include any medical forms, referrals, medical history, course of treatment, recommendations, medical status, and more to assist in your case. We will actively work as a team to ensure you are compensated with the best chances possible. You don’t deserve to pay for your injury and we will make it our mission to make sure that won’t happen.

    Contact Elite Centers of Atlanta for questions and more information about our Attorney Referral program and ask us how we can help you today!

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