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Who Are We?

Elite Sport & Personal Injury Centers is a prominent clinical neurology center in Atlanta specializing in traumatic brain injuries that stem from all types of accidents.

Our state-of-the-art neuro-diagnostic facility is equipped to provide EEG, Evoked Potentials, EMG and offers neurological care for industrial and personal injuries. We will examine your reflexes, coordination, sensation response, and anything else that could show signs of a brain injury. Call the office if you have any questions, any one of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff members will be pleased to assist you.

Our Medical Facilities Assist in the Following…

Auto Accidents
Slip and Falls
Work Injuries
Sport Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries We Help

Diffuse Axonal Injury
Skull Fractures

Elite Atlanta Center provides board-certified doctors and health professionals to properly treat, advise and report all personal injuries without bias

Elite Atlanta Centers offer simple, effective, and immediate care for individuals without requiring previous medical visits. We provide our patients top-quality care without hassle. We provide an extensive plan of treatment and our physicians will provide rendered reports and recommendations tailored for you and your medical needs.